2019 Year In Review

All Because Of Our Friends and Supporters....


We wanted to reach out as the year was coming to an end and fill you in on everything we have been working on. 

So, here’s the ministry recap if I had to write it down! 2019 has been wild, especially the last 3 months. Where do we even begin? In a nutshell, all I can say is that this year has been one for the ages. 

We have, not meaning to it just kind of happened and we didn’t even realize until we sat down to reflect, have expanded from meeting the needs of the homeless only to now meeting the needs of those who struggle with day to day life for various reasons. Whether its rent, childcare, groceries, clothing, or bus passes, we will do whatever we can to help a family get out of the rut they are in. We all struggle from time to time and do not want anyone to suffer or end up homeless. So, we have stepped up and helped many families get back on track.

Also, we have made partnerships this year with an apartment complex in Pearl to assist the elderly community with holiday meals and monthly game nights, we have teamed up with Stewpot's Emergency Shelter (Opportunity Center) for the homeless to provide meals on cold nights when they open for our friends. We are also working on several other partnerships so where we can share resources and share information since we are all trying to help the same group of people.

With the kids, we are still heavily involved with local school counselors. If a child is low on supplies, clothes, or lunch money, they know we’re here to help. Also, this year we have partnered with a school and adopted over 10 children this holiday season. This has been an enormous undertaking, but we are having a blast doing it. 

Besides that, we have teamed with another local ministry to help them keep an inventory of furniture for those in need and we have also formed a partnership with a church in Pearl where if we have an immediate need for food, they will let us speed rush someone through their food pantry until they can be properly put into the system. We do not want any family to go hungry for any reason. 

Mainly though, we still focus on the homeless. Over the past year we have met countless day to day needs (boots, bus passes, rehab, jobs, socks, etc.) served over 6,000 plates of food, distributed over 2,400 hygiene kits, and hugged on and loved on more people than we could ever count.

Your giving is what makes all of this possible. Those who give toward a specific need we post about; your contributions are used directly for the needs at hand. Those of you who give monthly, your giving allows us to provide the necessities of providing our Sunday picnics. When a group brings the entire meal including drinks and utensils, that allows us to take care of needs that arise that Sunday. That need may be a prescription filled or a bus ticket etc or even a quick trip to the store for footwear or socks. Please know, we do not ever give out money. If we are paying a utility bill or paying for a prescription etc, we pay directly for the need we never give out money to anyone for any reason. 

We’re excited to see where we go from here! Thank you for continuing to allow us to serve others. If you would like to give a year end contribution to this ministry, please do! Right now, we have many many needs to take care of. Some we have posted and some we are currently still vetting. 

If anyone ever has questions about a need or if anyone ever wants to talk to us about Why Not Now, please let us know.  We would love to hear from you. Thank you!!!