You Know Our Story, But That Was Just The Start!


Where We Are Today....

 Fast forward to the present and no matter what the day is and no matter what the weather is like our "friends" know that at 12:15 on Sunday afternoon we will be at Poindexter Park (not Smith Park) serving a home cooked lunch to on average of 85 people.  

For those who were curious our Sunday "Picnic in the park" averages $150 per Sunday and we are serving an average of 85 with a high last summer of 97. The meal we serve typically consists of at least one vegetable, one fruit, one dessert, water, and a main dish and the meal is always fresh which is great!   

If you would like more information please feel free to email us at Lastly, please take a minute and click on the links below and follow us on both Facebook and Twitter so that you can keep up with us. Thanks again and know that we thank you for your prayers and support.